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Wow, hot topic yesterday with Lauren and I questioned for looking into a church to host our wedding despite our lack of church-going in the past.

Well, there are many reasons. First of all, we prefer indoors to outdoors so weather won’t have to be a factor. Secondly, what other buildings are there that host weddings? I went to one wedding in a courthouse, one in the reception hall, and all the rest have been in churches. Thirdly, churches are already decorated! And lastly, if you are a member, churches are generally free to rent whereas other places require a rental fee.

So, there are four compelling reasons to have a wedding ceremony in a church, religious or not!  If someone can point out a better alternative I’d gladly listen.


  1. I would think a guy like you would want a “different” wedding.

    Outside the Church, and Outside the Box

    I immediately think of a Meat Loaf, the Twins, and Valley Fair. Maybe you could do it in the Metrodome or on the Wild Thing! Not sure about Meat Loaf… maybe a drive-in-theater where everyone sits in their car and watches you on the big screen and listens over their car radios. Not sure how that ties in with the dashboard lights, but I tried.

    Are you looking to keep gods out of the ceremony? I would imagine you would be required to have a pastor perform your ceremony if you do have it in a church. Maybe you could pick a non-denominational minister that will promise to keep gods out of it. However, if you get married outside of a church, your options of who you have perform your ceremony increase. That’s definitely a benefit.

  2. Really wasn’t trying to be judgemental-I was just curious.If people already have a reception hall rented, why also get a church involved-two places to decorate -travel between 2 places. It would just seem easier to have it all at one place when you aren’t going to give a hoot what a minister says anyway.Also usually if you want to get married in a church you need to go to classes with the minister-do you really want to d o that?

  3. From the bride:

    I don’t plan on decorating the reception hall. It’s already got wallpaper and plants and stuff.

    I don’t plan on decorating the church. Churches are aesthetically quite pleasing and I’m not going to mess with what they have going on. I hate fussy crap like pew bows, anyway, and it’s just an added expense.

    The fact of the matter is, I always imagined that I would be married in a church. Whenever I envisioned my wedding it was in a church setting.

    Outdoors would have been really lovely, too, though as Ryan mentioned, there are several large question marks that loomed when we discussed the logistics of an outdoor wedding. One is, of course, the weather. Second to that but significant when it comes to the actual expense of a wedding, the rental of chairs, A/V equipment and any other ceremony accoutrements adds up QUICKLY. I priced out having the ceremony at a City of Minneapolis park and it would have been well over $1000, not even including the officiant’s fee. Churches have chairs and A/V equipment and rain-proof shelter all rolled up with no coordinating of outside vendors. Big plus for the bride & groom who both work full-time.

    So, thank all of you for trying to help; I am sure you meant well. However, where Ryan and I get married is Ryan’s and my decision.

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