LV/SFO: Day 6

The first day on the show floor was kinda fun.  The second day was exhausting.  That leaves us wondering how bad today will be!  There weren’t many highlights yesterday other than a special visit to our booth by Sinbad.  Yes, the Sinbad.

A special guest in our booth!
A special guest in our booth!

After the show, Barry, Josh, and I took a cab death ride to the wharf (the driver was a maniac) to eat a seafood dinner at Sabelle and Latore’s, a staple on the San Francisco seaboard for nearly a century.  It was good, but the food was basically taken out of the ocean and dropped directly on our plates.  I was thankful I ordered the swordfish.  Josh and Barry had to fight for their shelled crab and shrimp.

After dinner, I parted ways with the group and headed to the local theater to catch “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”  I gotta say, it was great, but really dragged out.  Once I understood the premise, it was pretty predictable.  Brad Pitt was excellent as Benjamin, who was born as an old man and aged backwards until his death as a baby.

Today, we work the floor for another day and hope to bump into more celebrities.  No plans yet for after the show, but I’m sure we’ll figure something out!



  1. FYI…I read the book way before it was a movie…I was kind of entertained by the book, but didn’t love it. Maybe the movie is better. If Candice Olsen comes to the exhibit, get her autograph!

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