Las Vegas/SFO: Day 2

Greetings once again from Las Vegas, Nevada!  After a very long day yesterday which seems like several days ago, Lauren and I were all rested up and ready for another fun-filled day on the town.

$62 richer
$62 richer

We slept till about 9, then Lauren went down for a pedicure.  While she was out, I wandered the Planet Hollywood casino.  The first slot machine I came across was a roulette game.  I put a $5 bill in and put a $1 bet down on the wheel to land on 36.  And, to my amazement, it landed on 36.  I was already up $36, so I put another $1 bet down on zero, and the wheel landed on zero.  Two plays, and I already won $72.  I lost a few more bets, but came back to the room up $62.

Next, we walked down the Strip to Harrah’s, where I was excited to eat at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill.  The food was very filling and delicious, and Toby Keith memorabilia filled the walls.  I was in for a bit of a surprise, as Major League Hall of Famers Hank Aaron and Frank Robinson were sitting at the table next to us… I think… Lauren wasn’t convinced.  Unfortunately, I was very sleepy after downing my “Who’s Your Daddy Margarita” and country fried steak, so I went to rest in the hotel room while Lauren hit the casino.

Around 5, I met back up with Lauren and we went to find a place to watch the Chargers playoff game.  We wound up at the Miracle Mile Mall at a very random frozen drink stand that had the game going on.  Every other place we tried was full of Charger fans.  We drank some frozen concoctions while enjoying a thriller, with the Chargers winning it in overtime over the Colts.

Quite the view!
Quite the view!

At night, Lauren and I went to Paris to the Eiffel Tower Restaurant.  It was a very fancy restaurant and I wouldn’t dare reveal what the total bill was, but our table overlooked the Strip, including a beautiful view of the Bellagio water fountain displays.  Wouldn’t you know it, I ran into someone I knew from DSU, Laridee Dibble, at that very restaurant at 11pm.  What are the odds!

And those were the highlights of our very exciting, equally tiring Day #2.  Very sadly, we must go to the airport tomorrow and part ways.  Lauren will fly back to Minneapolis while I continue on to San Francisco.  My trip is really just barely starting.


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