Las Vegas/SFO: Day 1

Greetings from Las Vegas!  Wow, quite the first day Lauren and I had on our weekend getaway.  When all was said and done and we went to bed, we had been awake for 22 consecutive hours.

We woke up just before 4am, got ready, finished packing, and got on the light rail to hook up with our flight at MSP Airport.  We flew out as scheduled on NWA and arrived in Las Vegas at 8:15am PST.  We cabbed it over to the Planet Hollywood Resort and were luckily able to check into our room right away.

PH turned out to be a pretty sweet place.  It’s the newest resort on the Strip and every room in the hotel has authentic Hollywood memorabilia from a different movie.  Our room’s movie is Cliffhanger, so we’ve got a jacket and knives and Stallone photos all over the room.

After grabbing some lunch around noon at the Planet Dailies, we did some moderate gambling on the penny slots, where Lauren won $21.  We placed bets at a sports book on today’s Chargers game.  I put $10 on Darren Sproles scoring the first touchdown.  In the unlikely event that happens, I’ll win $91.  Lauren put her money on the Chargers to beat the Colts.  And that was the extent of our gambling.

56 degrees in Las Vegas!
56 degrees in Las Vegas!

We walked the Strip and saw the sites all afternoon.  Lauren felt like we were breaking the law by carrying open alcohol containers down the street, but here, it is of course perfectly legal.  Around 6 we ate dinner at a buffet.  We both got uncomfortably full and came back to the room to lounge around until 8:30, when we headed over to New York New York to meet up with the Willow Lake gang.  Dusty, who lives here in town, took us to a bar at Excalibur called Dick’s where the bartenders are all supposed to be jerks.  Also there was Dusty’s wife Jenna, Jamie and her husband Tyler, and Jay LaBay and Melissa Thoreson.  We spent a while reminiscing, but Lauren and I were the first to take off.

At 11:30 or so, we went to bed, thus ending our 21.5 hour day.  We were out cold within minutes.  This morning, Lauren is downstairs getting a pedicure at the spa.  We gotta catch the Chargers game this afternoon, but other than that not a lot for plans.  Tonight we plan on going out for a fancier dinner somewhere.

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