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It’s half past noon, and I skipped out on the traditional lunch break at work today in favor of getting some good old fashioned cooking at the Chanhassen American Legion.  Since it was pizza for lunch, I took a stand and went out on my own.  I had the hot beef sandwich with extra mashed potatoes, and even snuck a Honey Weiss in there.

So far today, I’d sum up the day in one word: stressful!  I am being assigned more new projects before I can finish the last ones.  I now have about ten projects on my to-do list that will take me well into next week to complete.  So anyone who thought my job was in trouble when we hired a new Marketing guy is clearly mistaken, unless they have a few projects they need finished before they give me the axe.

I’m following the MLB Draft very closely the last two days.  Unlike the NBA and NFL, the baseball draft goes until every team decides they no longer want to make draft picks.  It could go forever, apparently.  In baseball, each team has a very structured set of minor league teams.  So unlike the NBA and NFL, the players they draft rarely make an immediate impact, thus no one is very interested in the draft.  The first round is usually intriguing though.  There are always ten big names out there, and seven or eight will prove to be stars at some point.  Just look at the Twins—they have Joe Mauer and Delmon Young, both former #1 overall picks.

Since I DJ tomorrow afternoon/evening/night, tonight becomes all the more important for my mental health.  I would rather bypass a crazy night of partying and instead be really lazy and just hang around the house watching the Twins and Season 6 of Curb on DVD.  Lauren has plans to grill some salmon, and I have a few Summits left.  However, if some friends wanted to come over, I wouldn’t say no.

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