48 Days Til Baby

I noticed that very little has been written about the baby on the way, at least by comparison to Johnny four years ago!

Here’s what we know as of August 14, with about a month and a half to go:

  • The due date is October 1. Johnny was 12 days late, so hopefully this time around the baby comes out closer to the expected time.
  • It’s a girl. Ultrasounds are over 98% accurate in telling the gender.
  • The name has been chosen, but is a secret!
  • Lauren, at least to me, doesn’t seem anywhere remotely close to as sick this time around. From the outside looking in, this appears to be a far easier pregnancy. She seems very tired, but not ill.
  • Not nearly as much preparation is needed this time around. We still have all Johnny’s baby stuff stashed away. I suppose we’re a little light on girls’ clothes is all.
  • Likewise, there’s just not as much fanfare this time around. No baby showers for the second baby.
  • The guest bedroom will eventually become the baby’s room, but we won’t need to get it ready for a while. Johnny stayed in our room until he was 10 months old.
  • We’ve enrolled the baby in daycare starting in March. In order to get baby and Johnny into the same place, we had to switch his school. He’ll start at Four Seasons (literally right next door to North Austin Montessori) in September. That also means we will have to figure out how to cover the months of January and February after Lauren’s maternity leave ends.
  • Our fellow Sinton Lane neighbor and friend Dana is also due in October, so we will be able to sympathize with each others’ lack of sleep!

I think that’s all there is to report at this time!

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