Yesterday, November 12, was the tenth anniversary of my first ever blog post which debuted on In that blog, I examined the reasons for my weight ballooning 19 pounds since the college year had started, compared my role as the DSU Trojan Times news editor to Tara Reid’s newspaper role in the movie Van Wilder, and noticed that my group of college friends was less dynamic/interchangeable than my friends from the previous summer at Valleyfair.

Since then I have written 976 more personal blog posts, an additional 84 exclusive friend & family interviews, and 150+ specialty posts along the likes of Country Artist Countdown, guest blog posts from Mom and others, and other shit from the DSU days. That’s a lot of relatively useless content! To this day, the most popular post of all-time is the November 15, 2009 post entitled “Ow, My Finger Hurts!” with 2,355 views. I figure the reason for the skewed ratings on this one is that the photo is one of the top Google image search results for finger injuries which leads to my blog. The most viewed interview is from November 1, 2010 with Jordan Krogman.

Over the years my format changed from telling the embarrassing private moments of my closest friends’ lives on a daily basis to less exciting weekly updates of non-confidential information. But the ratings are still respectable with about 20 regular viewers, it seems.

I hope that this blog has entertained you throughout the years. That is really its only purpose, aside from a good way for me to waste time and archive things for personal reference. I am not trying to teach anyone anything or pass on any useful information most of the time.

I was thinking of doing a few new candid interviews with friends, family, or co-workers to celebrate the 10-year anniversary occasion… unless anyone can think of something more exciting?