Tonight would theoretically be the first opportunity I will have all season to sit down and watch a Twins game in its entirety, but there is a 100% chance of snow/rain in Minneapolis’s forecast so the odds of the game being played are very small. We are 14 games into the season–it’s mind-boggling! Every single day there has been a game so far this year I have had something else going on at the same time. Only Opening Day with the Rosoks in town did I even sit down at home and leisurely try to watch a game, but even then MLB.TV crapped out over and over and then we gave up on it and left for dinner. After a slew of weekday day games, our schedule got very busy. And realistically there is no end in sight to this streak!

4/1 vs DET: watched most of game on MLB.TV, but quality was very poor and we left for dinner in the late innings.
4/3 vs DET: at work.
4/4 vs DET: at work.
4/5 @ BAL: at work.
4/6 @ BAL: out to dinner.
4/7 @ BAL: hosting baby shower.
4/8 @ KC: at work.
4/9 @ KC: karaoke league.
4/10 @ KC: entertaining out-of-town co-workers.
4/12 vs NYM: camping trip
4/13 vs NYM: camping trip
4/14 vs NYM: game canceled due to snow.
4/15 vs LAA: out to dinner with friends.
4/16 vs LAA: karaoke league
4/17 vs LAA: rain/snow out?
4/19 @ CHW: in SD, MLB.TV will be blacked out; family doesn’t get FSN
4/20 @ CHW: see above.
4/21 @ CHW: see above.
4/22 vs MIA: see above.
4/23 vs MIA: see above.
4/25 vs TEX: game blacked out because they are playing the Rangers.
4/26 vs TEX: see above.
4/27 vs TEX: see above.
4/28 vs TEX: see above.
4/29 @ DET: maybe it will work out this day??