Busiest Ever Day for Blog… Somehow!
Yesterday this blog was seen by 196 unique visitors, setting my all-time record! This is very curious for several reasons. The previous day, when I put up that big Niagara Falls post, there were just 68 visitors to the site. My blog must have been linked from somewhere else to get that kind of increase in traffic in a single day. The old record was 188 from August 22, 2008. Just not sure where all these people randomly came from… that site stats don’t give any indication.

Beagles Dominated by Your Mom
Normally I like to write a little recap following our softball games, but Monday night was our ugliest game in the two years we’ve had a team. Playing against the Your Mom team that beat us 13-5 in our second game, we narrowly lost a 22-2 game. As was the case from the first time we played, Your Mom was not the most gracious of winners, arguing with the umpire to take away one of our runs while up 14-0 in the third inning. It’s teams like this that really should consider signing up for the competitive league next time rather than the casual league. I had a miserable day at the plate, going 0-2 with my first strikeout in the last three leagues I’ve played on. Oh well, Beagles will get ’em next time!

Crickets Like Radio
I am currently on break listening to the Twins game on the radio, which in order to get through the thick walls at the office, produces a very high-pitched screechy noise that almost makes it unlistenable.  I noticed that there were some cricket-like noises coming from the radio, but they were too crystal clear to be coming over the air. I concluded that there must be crickets in the walls doing their mating calls. They must think the piercing squelch from the AM radio is a cricket. Either that or I’m dumb and it really is coming from the radio… Nope, just heard another. It’s gotta be real.

What’s Ahead…
Two nights off before we depart for South Dakota to the Bell family reunion in Doland, which includes a street dance Saturday night… Also, look for our latest food review coming this week. Last night Lauren and I visited Brasa with her high school friend Chelsea, who I thought (and no one agreed) closely resembled Angelina Jolie.