Sick Day
Tuesday morning I woke up sore and exhausted, two days after returning from our long car trip and a night after softball. So, I called in sick and spent the day resting up. This wasn’t a sick day where I call in sick just for the hell of it; I actually stuck around the apartment most of the day and recovered. I woke up as usual and spent the morning working out and cleaning the apartment, but in the afternoon I crashed hard and slept soundly from 1 to 4:30.

Brief Twins Rant
The Twins are killing me lately! I have done a good job of not ranting about baseball on the blog for a while because it makes for very uninteresting reading, but they’ve been so bad lately I can’t help it. The Twins have not homered since May 17 in Toronto, ten full days ago. That is already tied for the 8th longest streak by one team since 2000. The team plays in a very spacious new stadium and keeps missing home runs by the narrowest of margins, but their opponents sure don’t seem to have any troubles. In 22 games at Target Field, the Twins have 10 HR; their opponents, 22. I won’t even get into their faults against the Yankees the last two days.

New Laptop
With my DJ laptop all but dead, I was in the market for something new, and today, I am the owner of a different laptop! Not a new one, but a refurbished one. Microboards put up for auction six old laptops, and I was the winning bidder on one of them for $75. It’s not a great computer by any means, and is apparently six years old, but after being reformatted runs smoothly and best of all, the AC adapter has some life left in it and won’t disconnect from the power source if the cord wiggles a millimeter to the left or right. A week ago I was all set to buy an actual new laptop, but luckily held off and then had this company auction come up. Now I can rest easy when I use it to DJ. As for that old piece of crap laptop which had a high-heel shoe go through its trackpad at our wedding, anyone who wants it can have it for free.

Memorial Day Weekend
This weekend, Lauren and I will be meeting up with the Walshichettis for some Memorial Day weekend camping festivities at a nearby state park. Walsh is supposedly there already holding a spot for everyone, but Lauren and I won’t arrive until tomorrow evening after work. Sunbathing, canoeing, hiking, sitting by a campfire, and beer consumption are all on the agenda, and it looks like the weather will cooperate. Just excited to finally have a holiday on the calendar after nearly five long months since New Years.

Briefly, just wanted to say that How I Met Your Mother wrapped up the season very nicely this week. Halfway into the season, I felt like the show was getting really stale, but the last few episodes actually had a point towards Ted’s story to his children in the year 2030, so I’ll be anxiously looking forward to the upcoming season!