Scoping Out Campus for Next Weekend

When I first learned that the Gophers would be playing at home on our wedding day, I circled this date on the calendar as the day I’d head down to campus and see just how bad the traffic, parking, and commotion would be.  Since it’s a big game vs. Wisconsin, I figured it would be very comparable to the homecoming atmosphere we’ll see next weekend vs. Purdue.

The verdict?  Nothing to worry about!

It took me all of ten minutes to drive from our apartment to the church taking I-94, about an hour before kickoff.  Traffic was a little tight as I crossed the bridge over the Mississippi, but I drove right up to the church with little problem.  There is a parking lot reserved for church parking, and it was mostly empty.  My only advice would be to get there early if you want to be assured of a parking spot at the church.  I’d say no more than 35 cars will fit in that lot.

Traffic from the church to the reception shouldn’t be an issue.  The game will be two hours over by the time the wedding ends.  Parking at the reception site is very limited, but there is a big parking garage nearby called the North Star Professional Center lot, kitty-corner from the main entrance.

So, my worst fears of campus being an absolute madhouse are put to rest, but it is homecoming next weekend, so you never know.

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