The Weekend That Could Have Been

At one point in time, I had planned on taking today and tomorrow off work, and Walsh, Sarah, Lauren, Nick, and I were going to make the trip to Chicago to see the Twins and Cubs series.  It’s sad to think that instead, I’ll be working today and tomorrow, and DJing from 8am to 2am Saturday.  But plans of course fell through when Lauren and I decided to be rational and save our money for the wedding, and then Walsh and Sarah began saving for a house.  Unless Nick winds up going alone, the whole trip idea will have fizzled.  Next year, we’ll see where the team plays on the road and make a trip, perhaps.

Yesterday afternoon, Aaron, Josh, and I visited the Chanhassen Country Inn for their grand reopening open house.  There were lots of delicious free appetizers, an open bar, raffles, and a hotel tour.  Josh somehow disappeared, but Aaron and I took the tour along with three elderly women.  The tour consisted of going up an elevator that took us about 15 steps up a nearby staircase, then checking out three different guest rooms.  The tour lasted beyond 5:00, so Aaron and I made a bolt for the door halfway through.

The drive home was a disaster.  It’s true what they say about the two seasons in Minnesota—winter and construction seasons.  On a good day, we can get home by 5:37, but the past two days we’ve been home well after 6.  The number of roads that are closed or blocked is astounding.  Our favorite back route to get home around Lake of the Isles has been shut down for weeks, and my last-resort back route down 50th & France was backed up for a mile.  I especially get angry when I can see that there’s a green light ahead of me but can’t figure out why traffic isn’t moving.  In hindsight, we should have gone back to the Country Inn and had more free apps before heading home.  Maybe traffic would have eased up a little.

Upon arriving home, we both fell asleep for two hours.  It’s these West Coast road trips for the Twins that keep us up past midnight during the week.  In other random, boring news from last night, Lauren and I were asked to move our bicycles from the apartment hallway where we had them chained up to a staircase.  Unfortunately, we had our bikes chained together and then chained to the staircase, and Lauren forgot her lock combination.  So there the bikes sat for almost a week before the combo suddenly came to Lauren last night.  Told you, very boring story!

Yes, this was a pointless blog post, but I had an hour to kill on break and nothing to do!

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