Final Night @ 112!

About 90% of the packing is done, most of the large objects have been moved downstairs, and Lauren, Sarah, and I are about to vacate 112 W 26th st once and for all.  The big move is scheduled for tomorrow.  I’ve got a U-Haul reserved, and it looks like we’ve got a few helpers coming over after work to assist us.  As if moving isn’t sucky enough, it snowed eight inches today… but at least I won’t sweat as bad this way.

Saturday all four roommates plan to come back to the house and clean from top to bottom, in hopes our absentee landlord will give us some of our security deposit back.  We know firsthand  because the previous tenants left the house in decent shape and didn’t get a penny back from their $1345.  We complained about a few things during the year, like the front porch falling apart, and likely got on his bad side.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

In other news, I went to the doctor Tuesday and it turns out I do indeed suffer from sleep apnea!  This is bad news, but there are three possible cures.  The cheapest and most effective solution is to sleep with a CPAP machine every single night for the rest of my life.  Lauren and I were both turned off by this idea.  It’s a big Darth Vader mask and would be very obtrusive.  The second option is to wear a big dental plate that pushes the jaw apart and allow airflow through the throat.  This is more expensive and has a slightly lower success rate, but is much easier to deal with.  The final option would be to get my tonsils taken out, but the doctor isn’t sure it would help me much.  So for now, I’m going to look into this wildly expensive dental thingy.

Well that’s all for tonight.  Come and help us move if you want, free beer afterwards!  And if you haven’t joined in the fun yet, be sure to make your 2009 MLB predictions here.



  1. Make sure the free beer comes AFTERWARDS. Ill be there to help on Saturday with the cleaning as well.

    I would like to be there when your landlord does the turn, as I will not allow him to push you kids around. Im a buff in Minnesota Landlord Tenant Law, as I did my final paper on it in Contract Law in college.

  2. Walsh, could you help me with my contract?The chargers are trying to make me take a paycut because spool of thread had a few good plays.He can’t even sniff my jock-could you help me?

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