It’s been half a year since I’ve conducted an interview with anyone on, and I think it’s time to get a few new ones up there!  The first in my 2009 series is sister Jordan Krogman, who has recently received good news regarding a new house and a nursing exam, and continues to bring up little Peyton, Emerson, and Hudson with husband Calvin.

In other news, I’ve been busy this week with several relocations.  Last night Lauren and I headed south to Faribault where we helped Walsh move from his apartment into a house he and Sarah are renting.  It was a tough job moving heavy furniture down a tall, narrow stairway, but we managed.  Also this week, Lauren and I have agreed on a new apartment which we’ll be able to move into in late February.  It’s in the same neighborhood in Uptown, just a few blocks away.

Other than that, not much new.  Mom and Dad are expected to visit this weekend to switch cars back and take our farm cat home after it rode back to Minneapolis with us in my trunk after Christmas.  It’s been living in our basement and pooping at an alarming rate, and clawing me every chance it gets, so I won’t be too sad to see it go.