The Eve of Christmas

Well, it’s damn near Christmas!  Work dismisses at 2:00 today, and then Lauren and I will head over to her parents for the Poulter family festivities.  I am pretty pleased with the gift I purchased for Nate, Lauren’s step-brother, in the name-drawing for gift exchanges.  Then on Christmas morning, we’ll pack up the Grand Prix and head to Carpenter for a couple days. 

Toothpaste BookI will be certain to post on the blog the new book I created for Emerson, based on a character I made up two years ago, Mr. Toothpaste Bottle, who coincidentally happens to be a toothpaste bottle.  It is based on a real-life tube of Colgate that I found in the Krogmans’ van in 2006, and used it to entertain Peyton and Emerson on a long drive to Wessington.  The new book, the second in the series, is called “Mr. Toothpaste Bottle Goes to the Dentist,” yet it features pictures of Emmy and Mr. TB shocked to see a mommy toothpaste bottle breastfeeding her young.  Disturbing, I know.  But I thought it was hilarious.  Here’s a little preview.

Next week it’s just three short days at the office before another long weekend.  So far, no New Years plans have been made, but on January 2, Lauren and I will fly (hopefully, weather pending) to Las Vegas for the weekend.  Lauren will return to Minneapolis Sunday night, while I continue on to San Francisco to the Macworld Conference and Expo where the company is presenting.  Josh and Barry will be along for our five-night stay on the West Coast.


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