RG.com Big in 2008 Awards: Part III of III

To finish things up for the fan-voted awards for the best of 2008, here are the three most prestigious awards!

Award for Oustanding Achievements in the Field of Excellence: Lauren Poulter
Runner-Up: Jason LaPlant

Lauren at the bat
Lauren at the bat

Eligible for the first time in this category, Lauren Poulter easily defeated imcumbent Jason LaPlant to win the year’s top honor.

It was quite the year for Lauren, as she found a fantastic new job at Supervalu HQ while becoming engaged to me.  Not only that, but she also knitted a lot of things!

The voters spoke out very clearly: Lauren Poulter is our favorite.  But Jason LaPlant earned a good share of votes as well.  Nick, Sarah, and Walsh were a little outnumbered, but their nominations alone made them proud.

Outstanding Friend in a Supporting Role: Jeff LaPlant
Runners Up: Liz Burke, Kate Rosok, Tim Rosok

There was no clear-cut runaway winner in this category, but Jeff LaPlant, with just six votes, was the highest vote-getter.  Coming in second place with Elizabeth Burke, followed by the Rosoks with three votes apiece.  This was the only category where every nominee received at least one vote.

Jeff, for the second consecutive year, showed excellence in many areas, but 2008 was a bit different than in the past.  Jeff gave up on his hard-partying ways and instead hit the gym, gaining the support and admiration of everyone.

Outstanding Family Member: Marcie Glanzer

For the first time, Mom won the award for Outstanding Family Member.  Now, everyone has won the award at least once.  While Alex was off getting married and Jordan was off giving birth, it was Mom who prevailed, quietly hauling mail and decorating the house.

Some Marcie Glanzer highlights of the year were mentioned in a recent column she wrote on my website.  Her trip to the .38 Special concert in Huron, the big Willow Lake Alumni 4th of July celebration, and of course wedding planning were among her biggest achievements of the year.

What does 2009 hold in store for Grandma Marcie?  Time shall tell.

And there you have it, the 2008 award winners!  I intend to announce a few more awards of my own this week, including my favorites of the year in pop culture!



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