RyanGlanzer.com Big in 2008 Award Winners, Part I of III

Jesse Cooney
Jesse Cooney

Most Attractive Person: Jesse Cooney
Runners-Up: Lauren Poulter, Aaron Pratt

Surprise, surprise!  For the third year in a row, Jesse Cooney was named the year’s most attractive person.  Cooney’s good looks have greatly impacted his daily life, as he continues to set new JC Penney shoe sales records.  This year, Cooney celebrated his 25th birthday, and let me tell you, he doesn’t look a day over 23.

Also receiving votes in this write-in category were Lauren Poulter, Aaron Pratt, Hudson Krogman, Travis Bolton, Jordan Krogman, Alex Glanzer, Sarah Domenichetti, Jason LaPlant, Roscoe, Kate Rosok, Michelle Barnes, Jeff LaPlant, and C. Mangold.

Moment of the Year: Lauren and Ryan Get Engaged, September 12

In a close vote, it was decided that the best overall moment of the year was when Lauren said “yes” to my marriage proposal, beating out Hudson’s birth, Abby’s birth, and Alex and Ann’s wedding.

I remember it like it was just a few short months ago.  I took the afternoon off work and went to pick up all sorts of goodies for the night, then checked into our luxurious suite at the downtown Marriott in Minneapolis, where Luke Katuin had secured a room for me.  I told Lauren there was a surprise trip that night, and as soon as I returned home, supposedly from work, we left on a ten-minute ride, where I unveiled our secret location and popped the big question.  Clearly, this was a bigger deal than Alex’s wedding or the births of two new babies.

Nick Sandbulte
Nick Sandbulte

Tony Batista Award for Outstanding Athletic Achievement: Nick Sandbulte
Runner-Up: Patrick Lynch

Nick Sandbulte, for the second straight year, won honors for the top athlete, narrowly beating out Patrick, with Steve Carlson and Lauren close behind.

In 2008, Nick played one game for our Chaska men’s basketball team, and if I recall correctly, he even made a basket… or at least shot once or twice.  Nick also played on our Minneapolis co-ed softball team to some acclaim, usually playing outfield.  Nick’s knack for diving for balls and hustle earned him a reputation in the clubhouse as a team player.

But, like years past, it was Nick’s continuing excellence in racquet sports that likely earned him the voters’ selection.  While we didn’t play much racquetball this year, Nick did play Jason a lot in tennis.

Outstanding Extended Family Member: Hudson Krogman
Runners Up: Peyton Krogman, Katie Wilkins

In a bit of a shocker, Peyton Krogman’s five-year stranglehold on Extended Family Member came to an abrupt end when baby brother Hudson beat her out by a single vote.   The question that comes to mind now is where’s the love for Emmy, who received just two votes!

Hudson entered the world in May, and his short life to this point has been well-documented by his mother, Jordan.  From what I can tell in my limited experience around Hudson, he seems like a very happy baby who likes eating things and rarely cries.  I think if I had to take care of any of the Krogmans for a day, Hudson would be the easiest.

Also a bit of a surprise was darkhorse candidate, cousin Katie Wilkins, who finished just two votes shy of her first ever award win.

Hottest Little Couple: Ryan Glanzer and Lauren Poulter
Runner-Up: C. M. Walsh and Sarah Domenichetti

Ryan and Lauren
Ryan and Lauren

Wow, what can I say?  I didn’t expect to win my own award, but if that’s what the fans say, then who am I to turn it down!  Alex and Ann had previously taken this award in fairly convincing fashion, but this year it came down to the Big Four: me and Lauren; Walsh and Sarah.

When asked if she had anything to say to the dozens of fans who voted, Lauren replied “I want to thank [Ryan], for being so cute!  And nice!  And thanks to everyone who voted for us.  Excellent judgment.  We were obviously the most deserving.”

While the criteria to be nominated for this award remains a little vague, I did declare that it is only open for non-married couples.

Check back next time, when I unveil the next few winners!

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  1. Let me start off by saying that I’m a little hurt not to be voted for anything at all, but then I read that it is for unmarried people, and as you know, today is my 28th anniversary!

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