Rinku & Dinesh, K-Slow

Rinku and Dinesh at tryouts
Rinku and Dinesh at tryouts

I am very intrigued by these dudes from India, Rinku and Dinesh.  They won an Indian reality show called “Million Dollar Arm,” which allowed them the chance to fly to America and try out in front of scouts from all 30 MLB teams for a chance at a pro contract.  Both pitchers were signed by the Pittsburgh Pirates.

They blog about their lives in America, and it is awesome. I imagine the part that is so interesting to me is their broken English.  They sound so sincere and polite, calling everyone Sir and Madam.  Recently I had a chance to chat with them.  Here is a transcript of my e-mail!

Hi Rinku and Dinesh,
Congratulations on signing with the Pirates!

Are you thankful that you were both signed by the same team?  How do you think your experience would be different if each of you were signed by a different team?

I also have another question regarding your home land of India.  I am getting married next year and my fiance and I think India would be a great place for a honeymoon.  Can you recommend any good regions of the country to visit or any good places to stay?

Thanks and good luck!


Ryan, sir –

Thanks you for your writing..

We are both excited to be signed Pirates.  Being same team make easier for us.

Not sure what like if we not together.  we always been training together so it would be sad to be not together.

Sir, we are from village, so we not know places to go.  If you come India you should see Taj Mahal and you should also go Safari in near Bangalore.

Remember to cheer for the pirates…

Rinku and Dinesh

What friendly young chaps!  I’ve also been chatting with Twins pitcher Kevin Slowey on his blog.

Hi Kevin,

Great job last season!

Do you remember last year at Twinsfest when you were signing autographs, and I asked you if you knew my friend Bernard Slowey, and you kinda shrugged and said no? Funny story about that. My girlfriend, who was next in line for your autograph, was laughing at me for having my question to you shot down, turned to me and sarcastically said “I’m proud of you today!” But you had your head down and thought she was talking to you, to which you replied, “Uh, yeah, thanks.” So the tables turned and suddenly she was the one who looked foolish in front of you!


While I can’t say I remember my interaction with you and your girlfriend, I like the retelling of the story..and the fact that I ‘turned the tables’, because usually you have to know what’s going on to ‘turn tables’..but not this time..

Kevin Slowey

Which pitchers should I contact next?

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