A Day at Home, New Photos

Monday afternoon around 3, the snow started falling on the Twin Cities metro area.  It got here too late to be plowed before rush hour, meaning it was a treacherous, slow drive.  It took me a half hour to get from Chanhassen to Lauren’s office, which usually takes me 12-15 minutes.  Traffic was backed up a mile down the road all the way into the Supervalu headquarters parking lot, so we turned the other direction, only to run into equally bad traffic.  Instead of creeping home at a rate of 0.03 mph, we stopped off for dinner and let traffic die down.

This morning I woke up and started my car to let it warm up and defrost.  I came back inside, and when it was time to leave, the car had stopped running and wouldn’t turn back on.  I tried jumping it, but had no luck.  I wound up having to get it towed to a local auto shop to be fixed.  The tow truck didn’t show up until 9:30, and I didn’t hear any news on my car until after 11.  It wasn’t ready to pick up until almost 3.  By that time, it would have been pointless to go to work.  It sounded like my managers were okay with it and I shouldn’t be in too much trouble.

In the mean time, Lauren and I got a lot of cleaning done around the house… moreso Lauren than me, but we sorted through a lot of our clothes and stuff and tried to get a little head start on the inevitable move out in under three months.  Lauren even cooked me breakfast to make me feel better about my car, and cooked some delicious soup for dinner as well.  She’s a keeper, this one!

I also got myself and some friends on TV today!  How, you ask?  On one of those high-numbered cable music channels that just plays songs with nothing to really watch, they started letting viewers send in text messages, photos, and e-mails.  So I sent in a handful of pictures of some friends and lo and behold, they made it on the air, coast-to-coast!  One such photo had Nick in a cowboy hat, with a message that read “Yippee-ti-yi-yay!  My name is Nick and I’m a cowboy!”  Yep, that got on TV.  How many people saw it, I wonder?

The rest of the night will likely be spent in front of the TV.  We may watch the next Best Picture winner on our list, The Great Ziegfeld, but it’s a daunting 3 hours, 5 minutes long and I’m not sure we’re in the mood for that.

If you aren’t on Facebook and would like to see my latest photo gallery, here it is!

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