Election Day

Tomorrow is election day, and I will once again cast my ballot for president and other local offices.  I plan on casting my votes for Obama and Al Franken in the two major races, but it will be a last-minute decision in the other categories.  I still remember the first time I heard the name Barack Obama and couldn’t believe that was the name of an American, let alone an American who was expecting to be taken seriously as a contender for president.  My how things have changed!

Perhaps most exciting of all is the end of political ads.  The worst political ad yet is by Michelle Bachmann, who has no real dirt at all on opponent El Tinklenberg.  The ad speaks very vaguely of “45 counts of wrongdoings” and “El Tinklenberg broke the law.”  Which law?  Doesn’t say.  Bachmann, on the other hand, likely lost herself the election weeks ago when she called Obama anti-American.

Also on the schedule for this week is making an actual effort in the household Weight Loss Challenge.  Catching up with Jeff at the Vikings game Sunday certainly inspired me to check out a gym membership again despite my disdain for working out in the traditional sense of running in place and especially weightlifting.  Monday at work I walked three miles over break, from the office all the way to Cub Foods and back, where I bought a bag full of somewhat healthy food to have on hand at work.  And after work I played a couple games of racquetball with Patrick, Nick, Jeff, and Liz at Patrick’s apartment.

Let’s see, what else is there… I am going to do a little work for Travis & Jonny and revamp their website again.  They have some ideas that I’m not sure if I can pull off or not, like a streaming audio player that keeps playing the same song no matter where you navigate on the site.  If anyone can give me a pointer, I’d be appreciative!  We’re still doing some wedding planning, and we have a couple more venues to check out this week.  I added Luke Katuin as Usher #3 this week, along with Jeff LaPlant as my personal attendant.  Why can’t the groom have an attendant?


  1. Hey! Sorry it took me so long to write back. My family is from Minnesota and South Dakota, but we are in Georgia now. I was born in Mankato, Minnesota. My Dad’s family is all from South Dakota. We are probably related some how. That is so funny.

    My grandmother’s maiden name is Tschetter. I don’t know if that rings a bell, my Great Uncle lives in South Dakota, I believe. I don’t many Glanzer’s, that is so neat that you found me.

    I didn’t know how to write you back, whether is could be e-mail or what. So I just wrote on this blog. Hope your doing well!

    And TODAY IS THE BIG DAY!!! May the best guy win!


  2. Go Obama!!! Glad to hear you’re voting Democrat…I guess I raised you right after all. Also glad to hear about the weight loss challenge gearing up. Calvin’s brother, Travis, who is an expert on fitness says that running is the all around best weight loss exercise. It’s not much fun, but I believe him. When I used to be ambitious and jogged regularly I did lose weight. Good luck.

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