Sunday of Restfulness

Patrick always takes a full day off after every trip he takes to recover.  That Patrick may be onto something.  Since we got back yesterday, we had a full day Sunday to relax.  And relax we did!  After waking up around 1, we watched Kevin Slowey’s masterful pitching as the Twins beat the Brewers 5-0.  After the game, we did some grocery shopping, grilled some steaks, and then all four roommates headed out to the parking lot for some goofy golf which Nick recently purchased.  Nick and I teamed up to beat the girls, 4 games to 0… not that we were keeping track or anything.

Now it’s back to work, and I have a pleasant surprise waiting for me at the office upon my return… a new computer!  One that hopefully can open a 50MB Photoshop file in under three minutes, unlike this old beast.  Last weekend was the company’s summer golf outing in Buffalo, which I was unable to attend.  Tuesday we have no softball, but it looks like a marketing department grillout is scheduled at Josh’s house in Belle Plaine.  Wednesday night, Lauren’s friend Elise is stopping by, and the gang is planning a trip to Country Bar for karaoke.  Thursday after work, the gang is heading down to Cannon River for a couple nights of camping and tubing down the river.  I will leave Saturday and go back home for a night of the Willow Lake 125th birthday celebration, and presumably get the old Grand Prix back.

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