It’s my—

It has been a while since I’ve posted something unrelated to the goings on in my life. So here is a post with me going off on a topic that needs addressing: this type of commercial on TV or radio that goes like this.

Woman: “It’s my—”
Man: “It’s my—”
Asian Woman: “My—”
College Student: “It’s my online checking.”
African Man: “My—”
Old Man: “It’s my—”
Young Couple: “My—”
Group of Construction Workers: “My—”
Chinese Man: “It’s my online checking.”
Kid: “—online checking.”
Businessman: “—online checking.”

There are so many of them, and they’re all the same. A group of diverse people interrupting each other saying how something is theirs, and they’re really excited about it.

And there are many variations of this, like the 2004 Twins intro video that was played before games. More creative, but equally as painful.

Corey Koskie: “The future—”
Jacque Jones: “The future—”
Matthew LeCroy: “The future—”
Brad Radke: “The future is now.”
Eric Milton: “Is now.”
Luis Rivas: “Is now.”
Ron Gardenhire: “Now.”
Torii Hunter: “The future is now.”

What?! No it isn’t! The future is the future, not the summer of 2004. If the future of the Twins was a quick exit from the 2004 playoffs at the hands of the Yankees, then— oh wait, they were right about the future (see 2009 Twins).

Then they came out with those ones where people say…

Girl: “I am.”
Man: “I am.”
Boy: “I am.”
Man: “I am LeBron James.”
Woman: “I am LeBron James.”

No you aren’t! None of you are LeBron James.

And then even the big players got involved.

Girl: “I’m a PC.”
Man: “I’m a PC.”
Idiot: “I’m a PC.”
Jerk: “I’m a PC.”

This is no longer an original idea. It would be nice to not encounter these types of commercials anymore. Lauren knows how annoyed I am when I hear them. And then I try to reenact the commercials to emphasize just how bad they are which annoys her.

That is all.


  1. I think the original was “I am sparticus.. No I am spariticus.. No I am sparticus.” They just tweaked it from there 😛

  2. Thank God! I’m not the only one who over-analyzes commercials. I do the same thing where I reenact the commercial to emphasize why I abhor it, and your dad says “then shut the damned thing off”…but I really just want someone else to agree with me and discuss how bad it is. Too bad you’re so far away, we could watch and criticize together.

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